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My Turn

by Georgia on 04/23/14

It's my turn for a sweater. I've been working on items for Granddaughter and for the shop, so I'm really excited to be working on something for myself.

I enjoyed making the model for the shop with Plymouth's Cottonation that I decided to use it for my sweater. My colorway is Sea Isle. That shade of green is my favorite summer color.

Since I can't do anything "normal" for myself, I'm using Rainbow Top, a pattern designed for Tahki's Ripple. The unusual construction makes that transition a challenge, but I'm close friends with my calculator. So far it's working out fine -- with some fancy tweaking.

Take a look at the front/back before and after sewing the center seam.

Yep, that's the front/back.

The sleeves are on the needle so stay tuned....

Claddagh Ring Scarf/Shawl

by Georgia on 03/27/14

My new project is progressing nicely, and I'm really happy with it. Here's my progress so far. Please keep in mind that this is unblocked lace so it's not yet ready for prime time. ;-)

Headline: New Yarn Finds Perfect Project!

by Georgia on 03/13/14

I just unpacked two colors of Boboli Lace from Berroco and fell immediately in lust.
Roaming through Ravelry I found the perfect project in Claddagh Ring Shawl from Pam Jemelian. It's a scarf/shawl hybrid that can be worn a multitude of ways. Now I just need to decide which color!

Want to join in the fun? We can provide you with both pattern ($3.50) and yarn.

P.S. It's a one-skein project!

Knitted Math -- Not Math for Knitting

by Georgia on 02/25/14

Scientific American
has discovered knitting. Their article about knitting various mathematical constructs is fascinating. I'm no math genius, having successfully avoided calculus as if it were strep, but I think they are beautiful.

Be sure to click through to see all the photos. They are wondrous!

What's on the needles? (Project #3)

by Georgia on 01/29/14

So many of my customers are working on a Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West that it caught me up as well. I had some gorgeous gradient dyed yarn that I had ordered from a indie dyer as a supplier experiment. I love the yarn, but it won't be a practical addition to the shop's offerings. This shawl seemed like the perfect way to use it.

If you know me, you know it's extremely unlikely that I'll make any pattern strictly according to the directions. I prefer a crescent or Faroese shape in my shawls, so I combined my Faroese Shawl pattern with an outer crescent increase and a variation of the stitch used in the Boneyard. The results? I'm calling it New Moon in the Faroes.

I realize you can't really see the shape because it's still on the needles, but I'll be able to post a photo of the completed shawl in a couple of days (fingers crossed for luck!).

P.S. I'm still searching for a good gradient dyed yarn for the shop. I'll keep you posted.