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Antler Hat

by Georgia on 11/13/14

I just love this hat! Making it was a blast, too, since cable knitting is my favorite kind of pattern. The Antler Hat pattern will definitely stay on my list for gifting because it's sized from baby to large adult.

The yarn is Classic Superwash from Ella Rae. This hat was my first opportunity to use this yarn which arrived recently. It's lovely; it's warm; and it's superwash. What more can I say?

This project was truly a happy marriage of yarn and pattern!

Christmas is coming!

by Georgia on 11/07/14

This project is a happy combination of pattern and yarn. My first opportunity to use our new Ella Rae Classic Superwash has made me a fan. It is soft, warm, and wonderful to touch.

The way this yarn shows off cables makes it the perfect choice for this Antler Hat by Tin Can Knits. This pattern is perfect for everyone on your gift list because it is sized from baby to large adult.

The more I work on this hat the more I think it will wind up being for me. Guess I'm becoming a selfish knitter in my old age.  ;-)

Time for the Yarn Crawl!

by Georgia on 07/08/14

You can find links to a map and downloadable passport on our Facebook page.

See you then!

Who's First?

by Georgia on 06/06/14

My camera and I have had a busy morning. Here are the latest arrivals, and they all need projects.

New fall colorways in Crazyfoot from Mountain Colors

Scrumptious kid mohair and silk in Kid Gloss from Plymouth

5 fabulous Perspectives gradient packs in Twizzle from Mountain Colors

Please give me some feedback, folks.Where should I begin?

Summer is sample time!

by Georgia on 06/05/14

I love summer!

We're receiving so many new yarns, and I want to make samples of everything! It's tough to know where to begin. They're all in the back of my mind clamoring, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Stay tuned for photos of the winner of the "Who Goes First" contest. Come by the shop this weekend if you want to "vote" in the "contest" or if you just can't wait for my photography to catch up!