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My Turn

by Georgia on 04/23/14

It's my turn for a sweater. I've been working on items for Granddaughter and for the shop, so I'm really excited to be working on something for myself.

I enjoyed making the model for the shop with Plymouth's Cottonation that I decided to use it for my sweater. My colorway is Sea Isle. That shade of green is my favorite summer color.

Since I can't do anything "normal" for myself, I'm using Rainbow Top, a pattern designed for Tahki's Ripple. The unusual construction makes that transition a challenge, but I'm close friends with my calculator. So far it's working out fine -- with some fancy tweaking.

Take a look at the front/back before and after sewing the center seam.

Yep, that's the front/back.

The sleeves are on the needle so stay tuned....