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What's on the needles? (Project #3)

by Georgia on 01/29/14

So many of my customers are working on a Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West that it caught me up as well. I had some gorgeous gradient dyed yarn that I had ordered from a indie dyer as a supplier experiment. I love the yarn, but it won't be a practical addition to the shop's offerings. This shawl seemed like the perfect way to use it.

If you know me, you know it's extremely unlikely that I'll make any pattern strictly according to the directions. I prefer a crescent or Faroese shape in my shawls, so I combined my Faroese Shawl pattern with an outer crescent increase and a variation of the stitch used in the Boneyard. The results? I'm calling it New Moon in the Faroes.

I realize you can't really see the shape because it's still on the needles, but I'll be able to post a photo of the completed shawl in a couple of days (fingers crossed for luck!).

P.S. I'm still searching for a good gradient dyed yarn for the shop. I'll keep you posted.

What's on the needles? (Project #2)

by Georgia on 01/23/14

It's always comforting to me to have a long, repetitive project to turn to when other WIPs (works in progress) just aren't working -- or I'm bored with them. ;-)

Here's the one filling that niche at the moment:

(I know it doesn't look like much right now, but lace never does until it's blocked. It's the true Ugly Duckling of knitting. Trust me that it will be gorgeous in the end!)

It's a Shoalwater Shawl (Fiber Trends S2011) made from Silk Shimmer Lace, a 100% silk hand dyed lace weight yarn from Blue Ridge Yarns. My colorway is Mossy Hollow.

I just love the colors and the feel of the silk. It makes me smile every time I touch it, and the repetitive nature of the feather and fan stitch in the pattern is perfect for a productive recess from my other projects.

P.S. We have several colors in stock and I'll be ordering more soon, so be sure to let us know soon if you would like us to order your perfect color for you.

What's on the needles? (Project #1)

by Georgia on 01/16/14

Occasionally I like to frighten myself by taking stock of all my WIPs (Works in Progress). Granted that I think it makes sense to have several projects going at the same time to avoid boredom, that line of thought also enables my tendency for deadline avoidance. I'm sure none of you have that problem. ;-)

Here's the one with a strictest deadline: Husband's Aran Sweater

I began this sweater so many years ago I won't admit to it. It was the demo for an aran design class I taught. Life got in the way and demanded I move my attention to projects for the shop. I've never forgotten it, but it hasn't been at the top of list either. To my delight he hasn't changed an speck in size, so I've committed to finishing for Valentine's Day.

Stay tuned for more of my WIP list...

Merry Christmas from Grandma!

by Georgia on 12/19/13

Nothing inspires knitting and crocheting like a little one. Here's what Grandma made for Christmas 2013.

Bear Hat
This little Boo Hat will keep her ears warm and, hopefully, help stave off those horrible ear infections! The yarn is Passion.

By request (Mommy's) there is also a Yellow Scientist Hat under the tree (all you fans of the movie Despicable Me will recognize this one!). Now I'm wondering if I should have made another one in Mommy's size. Ah, well, there weren't enough scraps to go around.
Minion Hat

This robe will be like a warm hug every time she finishes her bath. Both the yarn and pattern are from James C. Brett. Everyone who touches Flutterby goes "Oooo!"

There you have my Christmas tale of Grandma knitting. Not to mention the 4 pairs of socks for the adults, but who counts them anyway! ;-)

Baby Alpaca Cowl

by Georgia on 12/06/13

 Baby Alpaca Cowl 2

You're probably in gift knitting mode, and so am I. This lovely cowl, using one skein of Baby Alpaca Chunky Paints from Cascade Yarns, is at the top of my queue right now.

Sometimes our family's preferences force us to knit things we really don't enjoy. This cowl is utterly wonderful!!! The yarn is luscious, so my hands are happy. The color is gorgeous and not one I usually use for myself, so it's a visual treat. The pattern is easy and fast.

Altogether making this cowl is like an extra helping of dessert -- without the calories. A holiday dream!

Baby Alpaca Cowl

Lost in the Lushness

by Georgia on 11/15/13

That's how it felt to work with Cascade's Eco Duo yarn! It's half alpaca and half Merino wool, both undyed. Eco Duo is fluffy, soft and oh so yummy!

Our Trinity Scarf with 3 Reversible Cables is a pattern available on Ravelry for $4.00 or free in the shop with purchase of 2 skeins of Eco Duo. This is one of my most popular designs, and everyone always comments on how easy it is.

Hope you enjoy both yarn and pattern as much as I do!

Gift Knitting Begins At Home!

by Georgia on 11/07/13

My first holiday project is for me! This lovely little shawl is made from Skacel Collection's Tiara. This soft, luxurious yarn is embellished with just enough sequins and beads to give it a subtle touch of bling for any occasion.

The quick and easy pattern for the shawlette is on the yarn label.

I justified making it for myself first so that I would have it available to wear for Thanksgiving and any other holiday occasions that come along.  The next one will be a gift. See I'm not a totally lost cause! ;-)

Happy Halloween, Princess Sophia!

by Georgia on 10/30/13

I have never made it a secret that I despise knitting little tiny things, especially toys. Feel free to laugh out loud when you see what our "Princess Sophia" will receive when she trick or treats at Grandma and Grampa's house.

Baby Dragon is knitted from double strands of Baah's LaJolla that were left over from my Color Affection shawl. The yarn is wonderfully soft and squishy 100% merino. It's perfect for little hands -- just the right size:

I would like to claim that his nose in on a little crooked and his spine needs orthopedic work because I wanted a whimsical look, but the sad truth is that I just made him a little wonky.

Hopefully her little majesty won't mind!

P.S. Almost forgot the link to the Ravelry pattern!

The Emergence of a Fiber Fanatic

by Georgia on 09/20/13

Sweet Granddaughter is now 20+ months old and is talking up a storm. She was walking past the wastebasket next to my chair yesterday and spotted some brightly colored yarn scraps. She stopped, did a double take, and carefully retrieved them.

"Gamma! Boo!" = Grandma, blue!
"Gamma! Re!" = Grandma, red!
And they were.

She proceeded to wrap them around her toes and then admire her creation. Next she decorated my toes; then Grandpa's. Next was the tail of her little plastic pig. In between artistic endeavors she stroked the yarn and held it to her cheek.

In the course of all this, she learned the word "yarn."

As soon as she finished breakfast this morning, she looked at me and asked for "yar!" She definitely swims in my gene pool!!

Fall Classes

by Georgia on 09/10/13

Christmas Ornaments (Knitted)

Class takes 3 sessions.     Wednesdays:  9/25, 10/2, 10/23; 6:30-8:00 pm

Instructor: Georgia                                                             $40 + materials                                                                                                                    

Scatter these beauties on your tree or hang them in your window.  No matter where you display them, their sparkle will showcase your knitting talents.  A cable knitted sleeve encases a clear acrylic ornament.  Learn this technique in plenty of time to make up several for gifts. 

Prerequisite skills: knit, purl, increase/decrease, comfortable working in the round with double pointed needles or Magic Loop method.

Wavy Scarf (Short Rows)

This class takes 1 session; 6:30-8:30 pm.

Wednesday, 10/9 – OR -- Tuesday, 11/26

Instructor: Georgia                                                      $20 + materials, pattern included

This quick and easy scarf will teach you the beauty of short rows. It’s perfect for a fast and impressive gift! This class is suitable for beginners.

Prerequisite skills: knit, purl.


Catawampus Hat

(Introduction to Circular Knitting & Slip Stitch Colorwork)                

Class takes 2 sessions.   Wednesdays:  10/30, 11/13; 6:30-8:30 pm                                             

Instructor: Georgia                                                        $37.50 + materials

Expand your skills by learning to work in the round with circular and double pointed needles. Making this unisex hat will teach you the slip stitch technique of colorwork which uses only one color per row.

Prerequisite skills: knit, purl, increase/decrease.

Magic Loop Socks (One at a Time)                                                                  

This class takes 3 sessions. Wednesdays:  11/6, 12/4, 12/11; 6:30-8:30 pm

Instructor: Georgia                                   $55 + materials, pattern included

This technique for knitting socks with one circular needle is for anyone who wants an alternative to double-pointed needles.  This is our most popular class, so don’t wait to sign up. Prerequisite skills: knit, purl, increase/decrease, and have completed at least 1 project worked in the round.


To sign up for a class, call or come by the shop.  Class fees are due at time of enrollment, and materials lists are available at the shop or on our website under Classes & Events/Class Materials.pdf. Class size is always limited, so don’t delay!  Please note: The shop closes at 4:30. It reopens 15 minutes before class for students only.