Month: May 2019

10 films that pave the way for LGBTQ+ representation

LGBTQ+ people have gradually, if inconsistently, been getting better representation in films in recent years. The Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festivals offer LGBTQ+ specific awards and according to a study by GLAAD, 13 per cent of films released by major studios in 2017 featured characters that identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer…

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Inside the 2019 Visionary Women Dinner hosted by Vogue Australia and Penfolds

Image credits: Meaghan Coles On Tuesday May 28,  Australia had the pleasure of uniting with Australian wine producer Penfolds to present the Visionary Women Dinner, celebrating not only the launch of the Penfolds Tribute range and its 175th anniversary, and the beginning of Codes 2019, but also the achievements of local female entrepreneurs and South Australian women…

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How Fenty revolutionised the beauty industry

Image credits: Getty Images/Courtesy of Fenty Beauty For too long, makeup counters were inhospitable places for women (and men) of colour, such as myself. Conversations with salespeople were at times alienating, at worst insulting. “We don’t stock your shade,” I recall one person saying unapologetically. “That foundation should probably work if you give it time,”…

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