Month: January 2020

Puerto Rico disaster agency boss sacked over discovery of unused Hurricane Maria supplies

The head of Puerto Rico’s emergency agency has been sacked following the discovery of a warehouse filled with supplies dating back to Hurricane Maria. Governor Wanda Vazquez said the goods had sat unused since the September 2017 disaster, which killed an estimated 3,000 people. Click Here: liverpool mens jersey She ordered an investigation and described…

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Iran says it will examine the plane it shot down domestically — but a national air safety director admitted that the agency hasn't been able to open black boxes previously

Reuters An accident investigation director for the Iranian government told state media on Jan. 19 that the downed plane’s black boxes will be examined domestically. That refutes a statement he made to state media the previous day — that Iran was unable to investigate the black box alone and that Iran would send the black…

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Hundreds wounded in Lebanon anti-government protests as police are accused of 'brutal use of force'

Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators faced tear gas, torrential rain and police water cannon in Beirut on Sunday as they continued to call for political and economic reforms. For the second night running, hundreds of people were wounded in clashes as demonstrations spun into riots.  One chant heard from demonstrators in the city’s centre was “peaceful no…

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