8 spring racing trends to master for 2019

October 11, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Photographed by Duncan Killick, styled by Kaila Matthews, Vogue Australia, October 2019.

The racing season has begun and so too a new season abounding with a heightened sense of occasion and an all-out embrace of opulence. The focus is reset on hyper-femininity as elevated silhouettes step back into frame. Add rich details for an unapologetic assertion of womanly style nous. All bets are off. 

On the trail
A trackside wardrobe that captures the style verve of right now should emphasise a gestural sense of occasion, rather than an overdone stiffness with fussy extras. Tap into the look of a scarf trailing behind, as in this reinvented headband.

Puff stuff
Broad strokes can communicate a mood, like the volume in of-the-moment balloon sleeves. Pick a pepped-up spring print and go.

Written in black and white
Modern tailoring is best served straight-up in no-nonsense monochrome, especially when dressing for Derby Day, so the emphasis remains on razor-sharp lines brought into relief by the purest white.

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Frou frou florals read tired this race season, but petal-led prints aren’t going anywhere soon. For a less predictable route, choose dark blooms that hint at a depth beyond prettyfor- pretty’s sake, primed to stand out on Cup day. 

Fresh coat
The calendar reads spring but the chill can get a last look in. Be prepared and attired in outerwear that energises a look, like this coat in a shade of fresh-shoots green, rather than merely covering what’s underneath.

Frill of the moment
Fashion has been inching towards done-up elegance, so there’s no better time to arrive turned out, frills and all. Indulge inclinations to dress up and add ladylike jewellery for a final polish.

Net value
Headwear retains its refinement, but is leaning toward simplicity right now. A veiled headpiece with little else means the wearer doesn’t compete for the focus.

Pony up
Elegance should be easy in 2019, when comfort and sophistication aren’t mutually exclusive. When complex millinery feels too much, a luxurious silk scarf knotted around the ponytail has it all tied up.

This article originally appeared in Vogue Australia’s October 2019 issue.