Adidas designed Real Madrid jerseys from recycled ocean plastic

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Adidas has recycled ocean plastic into soccer jerseys for the Real Madrid
CF kit. It is the first time Parley Ocean Plastic, a company which aims to
end marine plastic pollution, has been able to supply a mass-produced shirt.

Adidas in a press release stated the new kit will be worn during the
2018/19 season and comes in a bold new coral colourway. In addition to
providing a stand-out look both in the stadium and on the street, the jersey’s
unique colouring represents various shades of coral; “an homage to the
beauty of the oceans that we need to protect.”

“Real Madrid has the power to amplify our message, to share it with their
massive global following and to bring it to life with their own decisions &
actions,” says Parley For The Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch. “The message is
an urgent one. It addresses the survival of our oceans, of our own species.
It addresses the massive problem of marine plastic pollution. It questions
the material itself & defines plastic as a prime example of a toxic
substance which we can’t afford anymore. It creates too much damage to our
oceans and our own health. That is why we are calling for a Material

As a founding member, Adidas supports Parley For The Oceans in its
education and communication programs, as well as its comprehensive Ocean
Plastic Program that intends to end plastic pollution of the oceans through
the three pillars of the Parley A.I.R. Strategy: Avoid, Intercept and

Additionally, Adidas & Parley For The Oceans collaborate to turn plastic
waste into high-performance footwear and apparel by converting up-cycled
marine plastic debris into technical yarn fibres.

Photo courtesy of Adidas