AEW Road to ‘Fight for the Fallen’ Ep. 01 – Hangman Page Responds to MJF, Legends Break Down Cody/Dustin

July 24, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

AEW has uploaded the first “Road To” video ahead of their upcoming Fight for the Fallen event taking place in Jacksonville, FL on Saturday, July 13th.

The video kicks off with AEW Vice President of Business Operations Nik Sobic talking about Tony Khan and how long he has had the notion of starting a major, competitive wrestling promotion.

He discussed the “Madden Shooting” that took place in Jacksonville last August, and how deeply it effected the nearby area and its citizens, which includes Tony. They will be working with the VAAC to help the community rebound, with “all proceeds [going]directly to the victims of gun violence, and future preventative measures”.

We get a look inside the training camp for Brandi Rhodes, who is working out of the Power Factory in Atlanta, the facility run by Glacier and QT Marshall.

Hangman Page responded to MJF’s recent gag on Being the Elite. He claimed that MJF has “f**ked up” because, not only does he not like horses, he’s talked his way into a Fatal 4-Way match against not only him, and not only Jungle Boy, but an insane Jimmy Havoc and his staple gun.

Footage of the Cody and Dustin Rhodes match from Double or Nothing was shown, including the emotional aftermath setting up their Fight for the Fallen tag team match against the Young Bucks. Tony Schiavone talked about the emotions that went on in the match, and everything they’ve gone through together, and Jake Roberts talked about all the old-timers and legends cheering for Dustin because they want him to succeed.

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