Alice + Olivia takes us around the world for NYFW

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The global woman seems to be the inspiration at New York Fashion Week this
year. Alice + Olivia almost literally took us around the world this season,
all with the use of her signature patterns and prints, and setting up her
presentation to represent different parts of the world.

Each vignette of her very well constructed sets was dedicated to a
different city, including Paris, Provence, Marrakesh, Positano, Careyes,
Tokyo, and the made up Wonderland, which was also the title of the
collection. While Alice + Olivia’s customer is global, one thing was clear,
she has a penchant for maximalism and vintage style flare.

Alice + Olivia is about the jet setting woman at NYFW

Designer Stacey Bendet clearly has a strong idea of who her customer is in
every market though, and how to appeal to them. In Provence, spectators saw
shades of blue reminiscent of the ocean and looks that could translate from
resort to day wear, in Marrakesh, it was all about black and yellow done in
these cocktail and evening wear styles fit for nightlife.

With today’s millennial consumer invested in traveling more than anything
else, this was a smart way to get younger consumers to have their interest
piqued in fashion.

In a statement, Bendet said, “Travel has always been a big inspiration for
me; it’s a huge part of my creative process. I’m excited to merge the world
of travel with fashion, to highlight the influence travel has on personal
style and to give women from all walks of life a way to connect with

In collaboration with, presentation attendees could also board
an Alice + Olivia yacht docked on the Hudson River, which people could rent
out for a special occasion or a few nights away.

The Alice + Olivia woman always looks like she is often to the next big
thing, no matter where in the world that is. Bendet knows how to dress her
customer for all occasions and cultures, and still give them those
maximalist creations she has become so well known for.

photos: courtesy of Spring London