Another NXT Superstar Reportedly Asking for Release

August 3, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Squared Circle Sirens owner Casey Michael has Tweeted that Ricardo Miller requested his release from NXT. Miller was in the same NXT class as Sam Shaw, Rachael Evers and Karen Q.

It was reported on March 22 that Stacey Ervin Jr. had also requested his release, apparently due to issues with concussions. If the story about Miller is indeed true, then that’s two NXT Superstars and main roster hopefuls gone. But does that mean that those two spots would open up for someone else?

The black and gold brand is WWE’s developmental territory, a place where fresh faces and new stars can get acclimated to the company’s style. Of course NXT has evolved into much more than that now, as WWE is referring to it as the third touring brand.

When new signees come to NXT, they typically report to the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. They spend several weeks, or months, depending on the situation, learning WWE’s way and working matches against each other. If and when the time is right, the move is made to NXT’s show on the WWE Network.

As of this writing, WWE has yet to confirm Miller or Ervin’s release.

So apparently Ricardo Miller has requested his release from NXT. He started with Karen Q, Sam Shaw, and Rachael Evers.

Had a football background and was picking things up quickly from what I heard.

— casey (@ifyouseekcasey) March 23, 2019

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