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Obama aides deny they left behind nasty notes when they departed White House — in 2017

Alumni of the Obama administration reacted with disbelief and outrage to a claim from White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham that incoming Trump administration officials found insulting notes left behind for them in their offices. “We came into the White House, I’ll tell you something,” said Grisham during a local radio interview Tuesday morning, as reported…

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The U.S. Navy Loves Its Aircraft Carriers, But Are They Becoming Obsolete?

Key point: The carrier—like the dreadnought-type battleship—is a massive investment of national treasure and concentrates a huge amount of combat power and national prestige onto a single platform. The United States Navy has the world’s largest aircraft carrier fleet with 10 Nimitz-class vessels and one Gerald R. Ford-class ship in service. Meanwhile, China has two carriers…

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US aircraft carrier transits Strait of Hormuz

Washington (AFP) – The US aircraft carrier strike group Abraham Lincoln sailed through the key Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday to show Washington’s “commitment” to freedom of navigation, the Pentagon said, amid tensions with Tehran. The group’s move through the strategic waterway separating Iran and the United Arab Emirates towards the Gulf was scheduled, and…

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