Backstage News On John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan & Orton's MITB Win

January 1, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

– The decision for Randy Orton to win a Money in the Bank briefcase on Sunday was made 2-3 weeks ago. The creative team liked that not many people expected him to win the match and it brings Orton back up to the top of the main event scene.

– Last week, we reported that WWE would be running a storyline where John Cena would reach out to the WWE Universe for input on who his SummerSlam opponent would be. Daniel Bryan has been slated to wrestle Cena at the show for weeks, but original plans called for the match to be made closer to the premiere of the Total Divas reality show.

Since news of the storyline leaked online, WWE decided to jump into it on Monday’s RAW, which gives more time to build the main event. Cena and Bryan’s real-life girlfriends, the Bella Twins, are expected to be part of the feud and footage will air on Total Divas this summer.

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