Backstage Update On Melina's Behavior, Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy "I Quit" Finish

January 29, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns


— While Melina has worked hard to repair her image in the locker room over the past few years, some wrestlers are still leery of her as they feel she is overly dramatic and often tries to make herself the center of attention.

As noted, Melina caused several wrestlers to roll their eyes in reaction to her recent complaints about being moved from Raw to SmackDown. The WWE Women’s Champion is once again dating John Morrison as the couple was spotted slow dancing together throughout the night at the annual post-WrestleMania party. With the draft coming up at the time, the two reportedly asked to be placed on the same brand together. Nonetheless, she was complaining to other wrestlers about being moved to SmackDown and got rather emotional following news of the switch on the Draft show.

Backstage, many feel she had to know that WWE weren’t going to place her and Morrison on the same brand as Batista given the past issues the three have had. Batista noted in his 2007 autobiography, Batista Unleashed, that he had a physical relationship with Melina during their time together on SmackDown.

Batista wrote:

“My wife thought I was sleeping with Melina right off the bat, while we were still married. It wasn’t true, but it did make me feel guilty about being friends with her.

“Since then, as I’ve said, Melina and I have gotten closer and our relationship has become physical. That’s caused a bit of controversy, but I don’t give a sh*t. She’s my friend, and I love her very much.”

“It’s not like she’s been an angel all these years,” said one former co-worker regarding the situation. “She’s disposable. It’s not like she’s in a position to bitch.”

Many company sources believe Melina has yet to actually complain to management regarding the switch to SmackDown.

Another source referred to her complaints as “eye-rolling” and said most people have taken a “Who gives a s***?” approach to the drama.

— Josh Mathews’ nosebleed at the start of the Draft show a few weeks ago drew plenty of laughter behind the scenes. The ECW announcer has told friends that he has broken his nose a few times and gets nosebleeds every now and then. Mathews has discussed having surgery to correct the problem.

As far as his work is concerned, the feeling is he’s incredibly nervous, but has paid his dues and deserves the opportunity to call matches for WWE. During his time away from stateside WWE programming, he did a lot of work for the recap shows shown overseas, not to mention DVDs, pre-shows, and WWE 24/7.

— WWE producers Pat Patterson and Michael Hayes brainstormed the finish to the Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy “I Quit” match at Backlash.

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