Big Show Believes The Current WWE Roster Is “Too Nice”

July 9, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

During the latest Broken Skull Sessions, Big Show spoke with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin about the current state of WWE’s locker room.

The World’s Largest Athlete admitted that he thinks the current roster is too nice and comfortable, urging them to start changing that.

“It’s too nice. Too friendly,” he revealed. “People are too comfortable and too happy to be working there. Vince will tell you himself, ‘if you don’t step on toes, you’re never gonna make it in this business.’ I wanna see some toe-stepping.”

Show went on to discuss in more detail what he wants to see and points out that Drew McIntyre is a great example of it.

 “I’m not saying be a dick in the locker room. I wanna see somebody that stands up, does business, and has that drive that, if he has to eat through somebody, that’s fine. We’re not all friends. We’re here to make money. I think we’re making good progress with somebody like Drew McIntyre. I’ve always liked Drew.”

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