BLDWN finds American inspiration for spring/summer 2019

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Baldwin has risen with a new rebrand as
BLDWN. This time around it’s all about the Americana. For their spring
2019, which debuted at New York Fashion Week this week, the brand
reinterpreted modern American design and women’s staples influenced by
pillars of art, architecture, design and photography greats.

The primary inspiration for the collection was American street photographer
Mark Cohen, who was celebrated for his kinetic close-up shots of people in
a 70s-era New York. The brand has come a long ways away from its days as
just a denim brand, with this season’s collection showcasing elevated
outerwear, knits, workwear and dresses.

The brand’s new president and creative director, Jonathan Crocker, has
ushered in a new era focused on functional design, but still retaining a
high fashion element. Details this season included stripes, color-block and
ribbed base layers inspired by American varsity. Suiting and shirts were
done in modern clean silhouettes, as an update to classic styles.

This new era for BLDWN is their chance to be able to sell things based on
fast moving trends. Trends in denim move slower, whereas with fashion
pieces it’s a year over year turnover. Colors, like bold red, and statement
pieces, like denim jackets with shoulder details, are sure to go over well
with fashion crowd who are shopping beyond basics. It’s a smart restart to
the collection, and a conversation starter.

photos: courtesy of Purple PR