Booker T To John Cena: “Your Time Is Up. It’s Over, Man.”

July 12, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T was speaking on his podcast, Heated Conversations, this past weekend, when last Monday’s Fatal 4-Way #1 Contender’s Match & John Cena came up in the discussion. Booker would tell listeners that it’s obvious Cena is slowing down inside the ring and he thinks Cena’s “time is up”.
Booker believes that Finn Balor’s victory over Cena on last Monday night’s WWE RAW may be his most legitimate to date. Booker also added that the person he pinned in the match, Cena, is performing at a slower pace while the hair on his head continues to grow longer, as seen below:
“Finn Balor got the biggest win of his wrestling career probably Monday Night against John Cena,” Booker said. “That was huge. John Cena, you can tell this guy’s getting a little slower, his hair is getting a little longer. Finn Balor, literally in the right place at the right time, catching John Cena.”

Booker said that Cena’s claims of having “ruthless aggression” are nothing more than talking up a good game. Booker wants young guys like Finn Balor to reserve the top spot and his view is that Cena’s “time is up” and “over”. As seen below:
“I’m gonna tell you right now, I don’t care what John Cena says, he can say he’s got the fire again,” Booker said. “What now did he say he had? Ruthless aggression! Yeah, that’s what he said. He can talk a good game but his rapping days is over. I mean, my time is now? Your time is up. It’s over, man. These young guys like Finn Balor, coming in and stepping their game up. It’s gonna be a whole totally different landscape of the game change out here in the near, near future. Finn Balor, he’s got that spot. He’s gonna be in there with Brock Lesnar.”
You can listen to the full interview in the embedded audio player below:

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