Brock Lesnar Talks About UFC 91, Steroids, His Pain Pill & Alcohol Addiction, More

February 2, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Brock Lesnar was featured on this week’s edition of the ESPN show “E:60”.

Lesnar was interviewed and talked about a wide range of topics, including his childhood growing up in Webster, South Dakota and beyond. Lesnar talked about getting into a lot of fights as a kid and how he eventually harnessed that energy into competing. After winning the NCAA amature wrestling championship, he got a big money contract from Vince McMahon and started on that path.

Lesnar talked about the lifestyle that came along with being a top pro wrestler – the $45 million contract, mansions, cars, planes and the Playboy covergirl wife. He also hated life on the road, wrestled for months while badly injured (several broken bones) and fell into a dark routine of vodka and pain pill abuse. Brock said there are 2 years in his WWE career where he can’t remember a thing.

After he left WWE, he tried out for the NFL’s Minnisota Vikings and got very close making the main squad. Unfortunately for Brock, he got into too many fights on the field and his talent was too “raw.”

An awkward part of the interview came when the ESPN reporter started asking Brock about steroids. He got about 3 words into the question and Brock jumped out of his seat and cut the interview off. They showed him off to the side speaking with the shows producers, saying something to the effect of “I knew he was gonna go there” and he eventually settled on the line, “I never failed a drug test.”

UFC President Dana White as well as former pro wrestlers Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg were interviewed for the piece and had good things to say about Lesnar.

Lesnar also about his upcoming fight with UFC Heavyweight champion Randy Couture at UFC 91 on November 15th.

* VIDEO of BROCK LESNAR on “E:60” .. Watch The ENTIRE Segment Online HERE