Brooke Hogan's Breast Implants Get More Media Attention

February 9, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns


We reported yesterday that Brooke Hogan has been the focus of a lot of tabloid buzz this past week – with several entertainment news shows and magazines picking up on the story that she recently underwent breast enhancement surgery.

Celebrity news outlet “TMZ” has been at the forefront of the coverage. First they had a picture of Brooke in a bikini saying, “Brooke took her new set of ‘twins’ out for a test drive this weekend while vacationing in Maui”.

Today they’ve got more of Brooke in Maui. With a new picture of her in the ocean adjusting her bikini top, the article says, “Just like that, none of Brooke Hogan’s bikini tops fit like they used to! The singer-starlet-something-whatever is evidently having some growing pains as she adjusts to the newly-noticable girls in her life in the Maui surf. As the tanning pattern suggests, she’s having some issues with proper exposure. Good thing she’s correcting it. “

Some might find the timing of Brooke’s breast enhancement surgery pretty convenient. This weekend is the season premier of Hogan Knowns Best on VH1. Stars have been known to drum up controversy right before they have a new album or show coming out – but the Hogans take it to a whole new level. Previews for Season 4 of Hogan Knows best have teased that Hulk and Linda are considering getting divorced.

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