Bruce Prichard Reveals Vince McMahon Nearly Bought NFL Team, Eric Bischoff Talks Brock Lesnar’s Title Reign

August 20, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

During his latest Something To Wrestle With podcast, Bruce Prichard revealed a story about Vince McMahon almost buying an NFL team. Below is a transcription from the podcast with a H/T to for the quotes.

“We didn’t know what the hell he was talking about,” Bruce Prichard said during a recent episode of his show. “More than anything it was a publicity stunt because they were floating out there that the Vikings were up for sale and Vince floated it out there that he was interested in it.”

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Prichard continued, “I dare say that if the price would have been right he might have bought the damn thing for publicity purposes to make it — okay the WWF just bought the Minnesota Vikings and Vince McMahon is now entering the football arena. So it worked, it got people talking.”

Eric Bischoff Talks Brock Lesnar’s Title Reign

Eric Bischoff recently spoke with Sky Sports‘ Lock Up podcast about a variety of topics, including how he feels about Brock Lesnar and his current title reign.

“I like Brock Lesnar, I think he’s an amazing performer, he’s an amazing character as an athlete I don’t think there is anybody, perhaps other than Kurt Angle, who is anywhere near his stratosphere. But, his presence in WWE to me is almost a non-issue, I hate to say your relevant but the title doesn’t mean all that much. Brock’s character with the way he is being positioned, doesn’t really mean anything to me as a fan or a viewer.”

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