Burberry sues Target over check pattern

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Burberry’s check pattern is known for being on garments that were neither
Burberry designed or approved. Needless to say, they are tired of it.

On May 2, Burberry filed a lawsuit against the latest perpetrator, Target
Corporation and Target Brands, Inc., accusing them of selling numerous
products that infringe on Burberry’s check trademark including eyewear,
luggage, stainless-steel bottles and scarves. Burberry originally sent
Target a cease and desist letter in 2017.

“Target’s misuse of the Burberry Check Trademark on counterfeit and
infringing merchandise has significantly injured Burberry’s hard-earned
reputation and goodwill, and has diluted the distinctiveness of the famous
Burberry Check Trademark,” the complaint states. Burberry says that it
would be very easy for consumers to believe that the products are connected
to their brand given Target’s history of designer collaborations. Target’s
“well-publicized history of collaborating with popular brands and fashion
designers to promote and sell Target-exclusive limited edition collections
further heightens the risk of such consumer confusion,” the complaint also

Burberry goes after Target for trademark infringement

Burberry is seeking damages worth up to 2 million dollars, in addition to
an injunction barring Target from selling any infringing products and
destroying any remaining products.

Burberry’s check trademark has been a source of many trademark battles over
the years. J.C. Penney and Body Glove have been on the receiving end of
trademark lawsuits from the British luxury fashion house. The J.C. Penney
Case was eventually settled out of court.

With the trend around logomania and their recent collaboration with Gosha
Rubchinsky, it’s no wonder Burberry is extra invested in protecting its
trademark check pattern. The power of their iconic pattern is more relevant
than ever.

Target did not immediately reply for further comment.

photo: via Neimanmarcus.com