Camera della Moda responds to article exposing Italian garment workers

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

After the New York Times published an article exposing the plight
of garment workers in Italy, the Italian Camera della Moda has
responded, claiming that the chamber of Italian commerce is working to
improve the supply chain throughout its country, making it more fair
and humane.

The New York Times article, entitled “Inside Italy’s Shadow
Economy,” sheds light on garment workers in the western country
earning one euro per meter of fabric stitched while constructing
luxury garments that retail between 900 and 2,340 dollars. The worker
interviewed shared with the newspaper that the most she had earned
from a single garment was 24 euros. The article points out that the
label “Made in Italy” is typical connotated with sophistication in
craftsmanship, yet cases such as the one described in the article
would imply that the Italian luxury industry is comprised of low-paid
female workers like those of the fast-fashion supply chain.

The official statement from the Camera della Moda reads: “The
Italian supply chain has been under attack for a long time. CNMI and
its members are committed to working toward making the Italian supply
chain resilient, fair and humane on every front. It is a complex
process and it takes time; there are no easy solutions, but we are
working together through our established Working Group on Social
Sustainability and have already achieved substantive gains. We
continue to implement solutions using our evidence-base and by working

The statement suggests that the New York Times article had been
using statistics from 1973. However, the article included data that
from the Italian National Institute of Statistics that reported on
numbers homeworkers in both 2015 and 2017, which stated that there
were 3.7 million workers without contracts in Italy.

“The latest statistic in fact shows that in Italy the number of
irregular workers has dropped by 16 percent from 2010 to 2015,” the
statement read. “Out of all sectors that have sought to tackle
irregular labor, the luxury fashion sector in Italy has posted the
best results.”