Chanel’s $3,320 basketball will make you jump for joy

June 18, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns


17th Jun 2019

When a luxury fashion house turns its eye on mundane objects, magic occurs. And could anything really bring more joy than Chanel’s take on a basketball? It’s unlikely.

The house of Chanel has a habit of turning everyday objects into pieces of art; footballs, tennis rackets, surfboards, ski gear, bicycles and even weights have all been given the Chanel treatment at one stage or another.

The newest iteration of the Chanel basketball, which made its debut alongside the Métiers d’art 2019 collection, is a masterpiece and, thoughtfully, features a chain bag for you to sling over your shoulder to and from the court.

Chanel basketball. Image credit: Chanel

The first time Chanel turned its attention to the humble basketball, the spherical sports equipment was all monochromatic but this time around, things have gotten a little more gilt.

Of course, those double Cs are stamped on the chic black ball, as is the much-loved Chanel lettering in either silver or gold, depending on your preference. The holster too comes in either choice of metal, pairing back perfectly with your new basketball baby. 

While we certainly don’t suggest a rousing game of basketball using the Chanel-stamped version, Chanel’s sports equipment is usable in action, should you want to, though we recommend just giving it pride of place somewhere in your home.

Now available in Australia in both colourways, though in very limited stock, the Chanel-approved ball will set you back $3,320 so we suggest a run-don’t-walk approach to getting to a store near you and snapping up one of these bad boys before they bounce out the door.

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