'Climate Is a Common Good': Pope Francis Calls for Justice on Warming Planet

October 9, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

A message to leaders and supporters of the Roman Catholic Church by Pope Francis, cataloging the threat of climate change and the moral imperative to act aggressively to combat its root causes, is being heralded around the world on Thursday as a powerful—even ‘radical’—statement from one of the world’s most recognizable religious leaders.

“What makes the pope’s message so radical isn’t just his call to urgently tackle climate change. It’s the fact he openly and unashamedly goes against the grain of dominant social, economic and environment policies.”
—Steffen Böhm, Sustainability Institute at University of Essex

Released in the form of a 180-page Papal Encyclical (pdf)—a formal letter to all the bishops of the church—the document codifies an official message from the spiritual leader, who makes the case that acting on climate change is not just a matter of decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are fueling global warming, but also involves addressing the inequities and injustices caused by the fossil fuel-driven economy and resulting climate change.

“This home of ours is being ruined and that damages everyone, especially the poor,” reads the pope’s message on the environment, climate, and social justice.

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The encyclical states:

Though a draft of the encyclical, leaked earlier this week, gave a sense of what Francis’ message would be, the Guardian notes that the document is “not only a moral call for action on phasing out the use of fossil fuels, as was expected,” but is also “infused with an activist anger and concern for the poor” that castigates “the indifference of the powerful,” including government leaders of the richest nations and the industrialists who profit most from the fossil fuel paradigm.

“The same mindset which stands in the way of making radical decisions to reverse the trend of global warming also stands in the way of achieving the goal of eliminating poverty.”
—Pope Francis

In his letter, Francis charges that the world’s most developed countries, which have benefited most from the use of coal, oil, and gas, owe a “grave social debt” to everyone else. “The developed countries ought to help pay this debt,” Francis states, “by significantly limiting their consumption of non-renewable energy and by assisting poorer countries to support policies and programs of sustainable development.”

In the letter, the pope chastises those who would ignore the growing crisis despite all the warnings from the scientific community and beyond. It continues: