Committee to Protect Journalists Accuses Israel of Trying to 'Shut Down' Gaza Coverage by Bombing Media Outlets

May 20, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Global press freedom organizations are accusing the Israeli government of attempting to violently stamp out on-the-ground coverage of its assault on Gaza by bombing the offices of media outlets across the occupied territory, attacks that the groups characterized as war crimes under international law.

“The Israel Defense Forces are not only inflicting unacceptable material damage on news operations. They are also, more broadly, obstructing media coverage of a conflict that directly affects the civilian population.”
—Christophe Deloire, Reporters Without Borders

“In less than a week, Israel has bombed the offices of at least 18 media outlets, and it’s difficult to reach any conclusion other than that the Israeli military wants to shut down news coverage of the suffering in Gaza,” Ignacio Miguel Delgado, the Middle East and North Africa representative for the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), said in a statement Tuesday.

“Israel must stop bombing the offices of news outlets and step up efforts to ensure that local and international journalists can work safely and freely,” Delgado added.

While Israel’s recent destruction of a high-rise building housing offices of the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera has drawn much media attention and condemnation, they are hardly the only news outlets that have been affected by the Netanyahu government’s latest bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has thus far killed more than 200 people, injured at least 1,300, and displaced tens of thousands.