Corey Graves Says That He Would Fight CM Punk

July 22, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

As previously reported, WWE Announcer Corey Graves took several shots at CM Punk last Saturday night following Punk’s lopsided loss to Mike Jackson at UFC 225. Graves claimed that he was good friends with Punk, and Punk even held his first son before he was able to because he was on a tour and he trusted him. Graves also said that Punk turned his back on everyone that supported him. Corey Graves continued to comment on his problems with CM Punk and even said that he would fight Punk, and that he knew how to fight “before [he] got to TV,” as seen below:

Man just text the dude instead of putting out for the world to see. I think ur the best thing for commentary in a while but patch shit up in private instead of trolling him and the internet….if ur sincere enough
— Ric Othen (@ricothen22) June 10, 2018

Dude, I’ve texted him no less than a dozen times. If you avoid truth long enough, you can write your one narrative, I guess? ??‍??
— Corey Graves (@WWEGraves) June 10, 2018

Don’t forget ya’ll, I actually knew how to fight BEFORE I got to TV. ??
— Corey Graves (@WWEGraves) June 10, 2018

?? Punk would rip you apart.
— Tobias Cunningham (@saibot24) June 10, 2018

Wanna bet?
— Corey Graves (@WWEGraves) June 10, 2018

I’ll fight him.
— Corey Graves (@WWEGraves) June 10, 2018

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