Cornette Flips Out On Bolin, Sheik Rants On Scott Hall, Lodi Talks Politics, Crowbar

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–Press Release For 11/7/08

Jim Cornette makes a very rare appearance on Who’s Slamming Who this week. The segment starts off with Tommy Fierro bringing up Dennis Coralluzzo and Cornette telling a story about how he first met Dennis. The two talk about a Tommy Fierro vs. Dennis Coralluzzo boxing match from many years ago in which Cornette was a part of. Cornette then turns his attention to the election and how he thinks Obama is “The Rock” of politics. Jim also talks about his book he’s currently working on, along with opening up his own website. Tommy then brings up Kenny Bolin and begins telling Cornette everything Kenny has been saying about him the last few months. Bolin has said that Cornette screwed Bret Hart at Survivor Series, drugged Jake Roberts at an independent show, how he made out with Cornette’s wife at his wedding, and more. To say Cornette was a little upset would be a MAJOR understatement. This is a MUST LISTEN!

Who’s Slamming Who opens this week with Tommy Fierro previewing the Raw 800th episode. Tommy talks about how WWE should put over Miz & Morrison in their tag team match against DX and why. He talks about bringing back “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as the new Raw GM and a big money match they can do with Austin at WrestleMania 25. Tommy also looks at Batista vs. Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage and why they should put the title back on Jericho, even after only two short weeks.

Bill Behrens and Tommy Fierro preview this Sunday’s TNA Turning Point PPV. They preview all the matches for the show and talk about: Jay Lethal getting beat in two minutes challenging for the X Division title after winning title shot at Bound For Glory, Abyss/Matt Morgan storyline, Rhino’s push, Booker T’s African accent, Christian Cage returing to WWE, dropping the ball on Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash, and much more.

Lodi joins the main show of Who’s Slamming Who this week to preview the 2008 Election. Lodi’s major in school was political science and he’s very intelligent when it comes to talking politics. Lodi gives you his prediction on who he thinks is going to win the Election, who he wants to win, thoughts on Sarah Palin, Obama, McCain, and more.

Tommy talks about a ton of news going on in and around the world of professional wrestling last week, including: Stevie Richard’s new career, Afa opening new school, Vince McMahon on John Cena and Undertaker, News on this year’s Tribute to the Troops, Raw ratings dropping, Diva’s new ring name, Hulk Hogan/Linda Hogan news, WWE signs third generation star, Evan Bourne injury update, TNA releases, Maven update, WWE Divas at Playboy Mansion, TNA rating goes up, Kevin Thorne update, Perry Saturn’s whereabouts, Kurrgan returning to the ring, Vince McMahon inducted into a Hall of Fame, TNA cost-cutting, TNA signs VH1 reality star, Eric Bischoff’s new TV series, Triple H on John Cena, Umaga return update, Upcoming movie with Candice Michelle & DDP, Shelly Martinez headed to AAA, Mark Jindrak update, Who came up with the Johnny Knoxville/Great Khali angle, and more.

Jerry Jarrett is back for an all new episode of All Things Are Possible. This week, Jerry talks about drama in a pro wrestling match. He tells a story about how Tojo Yamamoto helped break him into the business and some of the unique things he would do to help teach him. Tojo would teach Jerry on road trips in a very interesting way. Jerry talks about how a wrestler should work one fan at ringside and not the entire building. He talks about learning to show pain when it isn’t there. Very knowledgeable segment, as always.

The Iron Sheik is back with another entertaining edition of Make You Humble. This week, Iron Sheik addresses the rumor of Scott Hall trying to commit suicide last week. Sheik says Hall didn’t have the balls and wasn’t man enough to kill himself. He says Hall is a jabronie. He talks about how he’s the real medicine man. Sheik goes on to say that Hall is washed up and he’s just looking for attention. Sheik also talks about the late S.D. Jones and John Cena Sr.

The Doc is once again in this week with an all new episode of Shoot Talk From Doc. This week, Steve “Dr. Death” Williams talks about Japan Wrestling. He talks about how All Japan Pro Wrestling was one of the greatest companies he’s ever worked for. He talks about the biggest mistake ever was selling All Japan to Great Muta. He talks about how Muta got rid of all the American talent and how he tried to turn All Japan into the WWE. He says how Muta tried to put gimmicks on his talent and why it didn’t work. He says he took care of Muta when he came to WCW. Doc talks about how wrestling once ruled Japan and how NOAH is the only group holding their own today. Very interesting segment!

Kenny Bolin is irate this week on The Bolin’ Alley for Jim Cornette appearing on the main show of Who’s Slamming Who this week instead of his. Kenny says that the only reason Cornette came on the main show instead of his is because he didn’t have the guts to come on his show and talk to him face to face and answer his questions. He says Cornette is a liar and a backstabber. He talks about how he’s accomplished more in OVW than Cornette ever did. He says the truth always escapes Cornette. Kenny says he’s hurt he didn’t come on his show instead. He says he’s thinking about boycotting Who’s Slamming Who because of this and how this might be his last show. Bolin challenges Cornette once again to a debate.

Jody “The Assassin” Hamilton returns with another edition of Wrestle This. This week, Jody takes an in-depth look at tag team wrestling and how it’s a lost art form in today’s business. He talks about how you can’t just go into the ring and do something you haven’t been taught to do. He talks a lot about Greg Oliver’s book on the greatest tag teams ever and gives his opinions on it. Jody discusses The Fabulous Kangaroos, Road Warriors, British Bulldogs, Dusik Riot Squad, Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens, Minnesota Wrestling Crew, Fabulous Freebirds, Rock & Wrestling Express, and Midnight Express. Excellent as always!

“The Genius” Lanny Poffo is back with another edition of Poetry in Motion. This week, Lanny starts off his show reading a poem that Abraham Lincoln once wrote. He talks about: How proud he is that his daughter is smoke free, getting a letter from Barbara Bush, how he taught his daughter all the Presidents, how you can’t make poor people rich and rich people poor, how he’s not excited about either candidate running for President, who he is voting for, and more.

Crowbar makes his Who’s Slamming Who debut with his new weekly segment Mind Bender. This week, Crowbar opens his segment thanking Tommy Fierro for opening some doors for him when he was first breaking into the business. He also thanks Bill Demott for all his help and how he first met Bill when he was 13 years old. He also talks about: What he’s doing now, what type of business he runs, how he still does a few independent shows a month, transforming to normal life after wrestling, who he is voting for, and more.

The modern day Piper’s Pit on the Internet is back with Michael Modest and Modest’s Joint. This week, Tommy Fierro is the first guest on Modest’s Joint and the two discuss: how they book big men today, bringing back jobbers, the lost art of a heel manager, The Wrestler movie, the new HBO series on wrestling, Tommy catching different items from wrestlers when he was a kid sitting in the crowd, Mike’s new concept for a independent promotion, and so much more. Tommy’s Mom makes a special guest appearance as well. Very entertaining stuff here by wrestling’s hottest new host.

Bill Behrens is back with another excellent edition of Inside The Behrens Bubble. This week, Bill turns his attention to independent wrestling and offers a ton of great advice to independent workers out there. He talks about problems he sees on the indies, how establishing a story for a match is the biggest problem, what one of his biggest pet peeves are, hope spots, tag team wrestling, high spots, and much more.

This week on You Can’t Hear Me, John Cena Sr. previews Raw’s 800th episode, talks about the Survivor Series, talks about talent he enjoys in TNA, how he’s looking forward to Jim Cornette getting revenge on Kenny Bolin, Chaotic Wrestling, how Bob Orton told him he’d finish what Randy Orton started, The Iron Sheik, and more.

Judas Young returns with an all new edition of Tuck Your Chin. This week, Judas focuses on one word that is so important in the wrestling business–OPPORTUNITY. Judas talks about how he first heard a promo Glenn Osbourne cut several years ago about opportunity and how he never forgot it. He talks about how opportunity doesn’t always come to you, how you have to go out and take it sometimes. Judas talks about how he did just that several weeks back at the New York Film Festival premier of ‘The Wrestler’ movie. Judas makes mention of some of the new connections he’s made from being a part of Who’s Slamming Who. He also talks about how be felt he blew his opportunity with WWE one time by having a bad workout with Kofi Kingston only to have another opportunity to redeem himself with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Chris Jericho watching him. Great advice this week from the unpredictable one.

The L-O-D-I is back with another weekly episode of Lodi’s Licks. This week, Lodi has two words for you. Lodi talks about how he’s having a hard time saying President Obama. He talks about how important it is to get out and vote. Lodi also talks about some upcoming dates he’s wrestling, sports, and almost a surprise appearance by Spider Monkey.

Rob Feinstein returns with another edition of Inside The Ring. This week, Rob talks about Sting in TNA and how he’s not a good heel character. Rob says it appears as though Sting is only there for a pay day. He talks about how TNA dropped the ball on the Mick Foley/Sting interview and how they could have done so much more with it. He also talks about an upcoming Velocity Pro Wrestling event coming up.

Ace Darling is back with another edition of No More Bumps. He starts off his show talking about how it’s great getting to know some of the people that are a part of Who’s Slamming Who. Ace talks about the ECWA Super 8 tournament from a few weeks back. He also tells a really funny story about how he first met Undertaker and how the meeting didn’t go exactly the way he would have liked it to. Great stuff as always from “Mr. Main Event” Ace Darling.

This week on Up Close and Personal, the WWE Sign Guy talks about: How he came up with his outfit, getting his own shirts made, sign etiquette, Melina rubbing his hat on her ass, WrestleMania 23, SummerSlam from New Jersey, The Miz, interaction with Triple H, and more.

Mike Quackenbush is back with another weekly edition of From Bell To Bell. This week, Mike talks about ROH letting go of Gabe Sapolsky. Mike gives you his personal insight on wrestling booking. He talks about how fans want to see the hero vs. the villian. He also talks about: what are the best kind of characters, real emotion, how it’s dangerous to make all characters shades of gray, Adam Pearce as the new ROH booker, and more.

Danny Inferno talks about an old skit he did with WWF many years back dressing up as X-Pac this week on Breaking Gimondo. Danny talks about how WWF made him shave his beard for the skit only to put a fake beard on him afterwards. Danny talks about how he was vending pretzels for the skit and how Booker T was on the look out for X-Pac and thought Danny was him. He says that people backstage were laughing at him all day telling him how stupid he looked. He says he felt like a circus freak. He also tells a funny story about how many takes it took to get this angle shot correctly. Very entertaining segment this week from DI.

Whatcha gonna do, when the Funkster gives his political views to you?!?! The Funkster is back this week with another edition of Whatcha Gonna Do and talks about the upcoming election and gives you his thoughts on it. He also once again singles out Danny Bonaduce from Celebrity Championship Wrestling.


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