Countdown to Chaos: EU-Turkey Deal Will Send Refugees 'From Hell to Hell'

October 4, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Less than 24 hours before Greece deports the first wave of refugees and migrants to Turkey under the maligned deal that sees humans turned into bargaining chips, officials are predicting chaos and violence as the agreement takes effect. 

According to Agence France-Presse, the Turkish interior minister said the country is expecting to take in up to 500 migrants from Greece on Monday. The Greek state news agency ANA said some 750 refugees and migrants are set to be sent back between Monday and Wednesday. 

But as France 24 points out, “so far details have been vague over how the transfer will be implemented.” So-called “readmission centers” are still being set up in Turkey, with a local newspaper reporting that as the Dikili center—in Izmir province on the Aegean Sea and facing the Greek island of Lesbos—was not finished, the first registrations from Monday would take part in indoor sports arenas in the town.

On the other side of the Agean, reads a report at Kathimerini English Edition, “there are concerns about the security at the so-called hot spots on the Greek islands, where asylum seekers have been held for the past few weeks.”

Noting that humanitarian groups have withdrawn from the hotspots citing rights violations, the report continues:

On Friday, according to Reuters, “hundreds of migrants and refugees on the Greek island of Chios tore down part of the razor wire fence surrounding their holding centre…and began walking to the port in protest, police officials said.”

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“If they make me go back to Turkey I’ll throw myself and my family into the sea,” Mustafa, a Syrian waiting with his wife and children at the port of Chios told Agence France-Presse. “We went from hell to hell.”

Another protester told the BBC, “Deportation is a big mistake because we have risked a lot to come here especially during our crossing from Turkey to Greece. We cannot go back.”