Dalton Castle on Envy Of Bullet Club, Focusing On Wrestling and Taking ‘The Boys’ On International Dates

September 18, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Dalton Castle was a guest on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week and discussed a variety of topics, including jealousy of Bullet Club and more. Below are some highlights from the interview:

Envy Of Bullet Club:

“I would be lying if I didn’t say I look at those guys and don’t have a little bit of envy in the amount of success and the overwhelming popularity they have, it’s insane how the Young Bucks have taken themselves to a different level without that machine behind them. Because they’ve done that, I feel like they have elevated wrestling with them but nobody is on the level with them.

“We went to Dublin the week before Final Battle and it was me and the Boys vs Marty and Young Bucks and 2,000 people are yelling catchphrases from the Being The Elite show and it blew my mind, they have made an impact without anybody helping them. They are immediately at an advantage to everybody else, but with that being said, I think about where I came from or as my wife constantly reminds me, of where I started, that I built myself to this point without coasting alongside somebody else and I am very thankful and happy but my bank account is not agreeing.”

Focusing On Wrestling:

I think I struggled with that the first 6 months- a year, when I first got to ROH I didn’t want to mess things up and I am allowing people to give me advice and write my stuff. I found myself doing things that I didn’t think my character would be doing but I did them because they had been there for a long time and I thought they were right. But they don’t know who Dalton Castle is and what I want to portray.

“I need to be confident one way or the other and I found myself doing more silly things and I would focus too much on that kind of stuff and I don’t know when it clicked, there wasn’t one moment but I think I just started coming into myself more. Part of it too, I wanted to be taken more seriously, I liked the contrast of this Lady Gaga guy walking down but once the gear comes off, I am still that guy but I can kick ass too and I wanted people to see me as a more serious wrestler. Here’s a thing, I used to get called the Party Peacock on the indies and I created that and I hate that no because when I got to ROH I decided I needed to drop this and just be the Peacock because the Party Peacock cannot be a champion.”

Taking ‘The Boys’ On International Dates:

“Actually, not often (taking them abroad), I have Boys all-over the world. The Ireland shows that was the first time they got to travel with me and it was neat.”

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