David Hart speaks to American minimalism at NYFW: Men’s

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

It’s an interesting thing to watch a menswear designer scale back on their
aesthetic, especially when maximalism has been the dominant theme of the
fashion industry for a considerable number of years now. However, like our
European counterparts displayed during London, Milan, and Paris, menswear
is making a return to the traditional, the classic, and the muted. David
Hart, who last season went all out with the seventies and the color, took
it back to the boardroom for his fall/winter 2019 collection.

Hart played it safe this season with a simple collection of five looks, all
done in black and brown for the minimalist gentleman. Where the designer
has proven he can draw inspiration from everything including Paris and
disco nights, it has been a while since he has presented anything paired
down. While many other designers were going sporty and athleisure, Hart
still did what he did best, which was patterns, blazers, and bright colors.

In a rare feat for him, Hart opted to take spectators back to where modern
menswear and the introduction to a sharp look began for many men: with a
neutral colored suit. The looks were undeniably well suited for retail as
well. If a buyer wants a menswear product almost guaranteed to sell, a
black suit is one of the safest bets possible. Although, more men are
opting for high casual rather than suiting, a suit is still a staple of a
man’s wardrobe. Where women have the little black dress, men have the
classic black suit.

This collection was different from what was expected from Hart, which might
have shocked some, but he proved to the world that he could take on a
minimalist approach to fashion as well as a maximalist one. While the theme
might have been understated, it made a statement about his versatility as a

photos: courtesy of Agentry PR