Dean Ambrose: 'Brock didn't want to do anything'

July 18, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose appeared on the Stone Cold Podcast with Steve Austin last night on the WWE Network after Raw went off the air and had interesting comments about his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 earlier this year. 

Lesnar defeated Ambrose in convincing fashion at WWE’s biggest event of the year, and Ambrose provided a glimpse into how the match was put together.

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“It was pretty cool, you know? I went to the ring that night pretty pissed off, and then, as I walked to the ring, I had no idea what was gonna happen.” Ambrose said. “Went out there with not much of a plan so to speak. I felt like I was pulling teeth to turn that match into something epic.”

After further prodding from Austin, Ambrose said, “Artistically, Brock didn’t want to do anything if you want me to be perfectly honest. Because you know, Brock’s gonna Brock. He’s all about Brock.” 

“I had a vision for that match to be the craziest thing imaginable, you know what I mean? And I was trying to pitch everything to everybody and had every idea. I put so much effort in and so much work in, and other people did too, and I was met with laziness.”

But Ambrose said that it was an invigorating feeling walking to the ring against Lesnar in front of one hundred thousand people not knowing what was going to happen. He described those moments as something he lived for.

The interview started somewhat awkwardly as Ambrose answered questions about his childhood, but it kicked into gear when Austin asked Ambrose if he had a chip on his shoulder. Ambrose replied that he has at times, but doesn’t consider himself someone who has a chip on his shoulder now.

Austin came back to that near the end of the interview and challenged Ambrose to overcome what he perceived as complacency.

Austin challenged Ambrose, “I’m challenging you to amp up and amplify everything you’ve got because I think the WWE Universe deserves to see that, and you’ve shown a lot of that, but I would dare say you’ve rested on your laurels, you’re a little bit comfortable and you need to find the edge again.”

Ambrose was offended by the suggestion, and said that pushing the envelope is something that he always tries to do, but it can be challenging in the current environment.

At the interview’s conclusion, Ambrose said he liked that Austin reminded him that getting on top is one thing, but staying there is another.