Debra Interview: Accuses Austin Of Being A "Jealous Freak", Turning Down Playboy

January 29, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

On June 30th, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Ex-Wife and Former WWE Women’s Champion Debra Marshall talked with China’s only online pro wrestling radio show, and host Daddy Shawn about many subjects. The following is the recap.

– Debra talked about why she was working in WCW without pay for the first 6 months.

– Debra discussed whether Steve McMichael being a Horsemen without paying his dues caused problems with other wrestlers.

– Debra talked about how Steve McMichael would be confused in the ring.

– Her perspectives on Miss Elizabeth and Nancy Benoit.

– Debra cleared some rumors she had with Nancy Benoit.

– Debra talked about the reason of her leaving WCW.

– Debra told a story of how she tried really hard to go into WWE.

– She talked about Eric Bischoff being a standup person.

– She told a funny story on Owen Hart before he passed away.

– She talked about Stone Cold Steve Austin disliking Jeff Jarrett and held down Jeff Jarrett in WWE.

– Debra talked about the reason she beat Sable to become WWE Women’s Champion.

– Debra discussed getting along with Chyna and Sable, she also talked about what she thinks Chyna has fallen to the state she is in.

– Debra turning down on Playboy and accused of Steve Austin being a jealous freak.

– Debra talked about working with Mick Foley and his opinion of him. Daddy Shawn also shared his experience meeting Mick Foley.

– She talked about the reason they put the marriage on TV was a glitch from the creative.

– Daddy Shawn joked with Debra about whether she made the cookies in the Alliance angle.

– Debra discussed the difference in the locker room between WCW and WWE.

– Debra talked about the difference between Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

– Debra talked about why Stone Cold walked out of RAW.

– Debra discussed about Steve Austin divorcing her.

– Debra talked about not returning to WWE after the divorce.

– She talked about steroid use in the business.

– She mentioned she knew what Steve Austin was taking.

– She talked about a story which Steve Austin being tired and delirious in the hotel.

– She talked about she has talks with TNA.

– Daddy Shawn also brought up name associations with Debra before ending the show.

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