Dennis Basso on the new New York girl

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Dennis Basso has been outfitting New York women since the eighties. He’s best known for his luxurious furs, and in 2002 he took a major plunge into ready-to-wear which was beloved by the Upper East Side socialites to hip-hop artists. It would be easy to think of his clientele as just some upper crust Manhattan woman, but over the years Dennis Basso has managed to create an inclusive fashion line that appeals to all lovers of luxury.

For his upcoming New York Fashion Week show, Basso is introducing us to the new New York girl. “The New York City girl of today is a girl of sophistication, independence, and strength,” Basso said to FashionUnited.

Dennis Basso is inspired by the new New York girl for his upcoming collection showing at New York Fashion Week.

Just like Basso’s line, which has survived decades in the ever changing fashion business, the New York City girls of today are constantly adapting. “The New York City girl of today is ever evolving through each year, and every decade,” Basso said to FashionUnited. “Without any effort, she is someone who has the tenacity and know-how to stay relevant.”

Basso has also been bringing in younger clientele over the years, which in a market where millennials aren’t easy to appeal to is a feat within itself. “We like to keep the collection contemporary, and effortless for our girls to incorporate into their wardrobes,” Basso said to FashionUnited. “We love a girl who can pair a fantastic fur with her favorite basic cotton tee and an old pair of jeans. However, we also love a girl who can pair her designer denim with a worn leather jacket. Our girl is someone who is at ease taking “risks” with her fashion; giving some insight into her personality. I think that is what young girls are all looking for.”

Fur is still at the core of his collections, at his what he is renowned for. If there’s a man who understands the elements that make a good fur, it’s him. “I think the perfect fur coat is one that can be worn day and night; lightweight and easy to throw on,” Basso said to FashionUnited. His usual mix of mink, fox, sable, and chinchilla can be expected this season.

His ability to remain relevant is also credited to his evolving design approach. “My design approach has evolved through the years, just like the modern women,” Basso said to FashionUnited. “They no longer want to save their beautiful coats just for a special occasion. They want a luxurious coat that is both fabulous and practical. Over the years, we have developed different design elements that accomplish this.”

While Basso has also dressed many celebrities over the course of his career, his dream girls right now are Zendaya and Ronan Blanchard. “They are two young girls who are having fun with their personal style and aren’t afraid of trying something loud and different,” Basso said to FashionUnited. “To me, they embody what it means to be a Dennis Basso girl.”

Dennis Basso’s show will take place at an offsite location on Monday, February 11. He is officially part of NYFW: The Shows produced by IMG.

photos: courtesy of Purple PR