Elizabeth Warren Says Let's Be Clear: Trump Is Holding "Thousands of Kids Hostage to Try and Get Congress to Pay for His Stupid Wall"

September 19, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

With national outrage boiling over the Trump administration’s cruel and unprecedented policy of separating children from their migrant or asylum-seeking parents, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is calling out the president directly for both creating the crisis in the first place and now doing nothing to end it.

“The Trump administration’s decision to prosecute parents for illegal entry was taken in order to create an excuse to separate mothers from children.” 
—Brianna Rennix, Current Affairs

President Donald Trump, declared Warren in a tweet Monday night, “could pick up the phone and stop the separation of families seeking refuge in the US. Instead, he continues to hold thousands of kids hostage to try and get Congress to pay for his stupid wall. This is his policy, and he can stop it.”

Warren’s tweet also included a video highlighting the damage the atrocious policy is having on the children detained (in places that look like this and sound like this); detailing the origins of the policy; and countering the repeated false claims made by the Trump administration as it continues to defend ripping apart families:

While child safety advocates, immigrants rights groups, and progressive organizations announced a national march against the family separation policy for June 30th, administration officials—including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders—continue to obfuscate and lie about the nature of the policy and who is responsible for ending it.

As Trump continues to issue blazingly false statements about how this is all the Democrats fault, the Republicans with majorities in both the House and Senate are pushing several immigration bills at the moment, none of which appear likely to pass. As Tara Golshan explains in her rundown of the various legislation at Vox, “There’s a world in which Congress could pass immigration reform.  We do not live in that world.”

Meanwhile, Janet Gwilym, managing attorney for the Seattle branch of Kids in Need of Defense (Kind), which offers assistance to immigrant children and their families in  Washington state, told the Guardian, that it is an affront to treat these children and their families this way instead of welcoming and protecting them. “We have a moral responsibility to take them in. It’s international law to take in refugees; that’s who these people are – and instead we are just adding to the trauma that they are going through.”

“This is as shocking an immigration policy as we’ve seen from this Trump administration, but frankly,” Gelernt added, “I’ve been doing this work for approaching three decades, and this is the most horrific immigration policy I have ever seen.”

“I’ve been doing this work for approaching three decades, and this is the most horrific immigration policy I have ever seen.”
—Janet Gwilym, attorney

But it’s not a mistake or a miscommunication, say experts. It’s an intentionally cruel policy with a specific political design.