Fabregas reveals Terry’s Spurs nod in final Chelsea speech

June 18, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

John Terry emphasised the importance of matching Tottenham Hotspur’s progress in his final speech as Chelsea captain, according to Cesc Fabregas.

The 40-year-old departed Stamford Bridge in 2017, with the Blues having secured their fifth Premier League title that season.

Terry received a guard of honour in his final game against Sunderland, leaving the pitch after 26 minutes to match the number on his shirt.

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And Fabregas claims Terry had one last message to deliver to his teammates ahead of that game, imploring them to keep Spurs at arm’s length.

The Spaniard said in his column for The Telegraph: “There are certain players who really feel these rivalries and will make sure they do their best to make everybody else understand.

“Before John Terry was going to play his last game for Chelsea, he made a speech in which he told the players to make sure Tottenham would never overtake Chelsea or be better than them.”

Fabregas, who contested a number of London derbies during his time at Arsenal and Chelsea, admitted he himself would take great satisfaction from defeating a close rival.

“Winning a derby can feel close to winning a trophy and it was like this when I won the Battle of the Bridge with Chelsea that meant that Tottenham could not win the Premier League title in 2016,” he added.

“I had been on television not long before the game and said that I did not want Tottenham to win the League, which I know upset their supporters and probably their players.

“Sometimes as players you have to be so politically correct and speak like a politician, but I was just being honest and speaking my true feelings. I did not think I went over the top because I think people know that I don’t want Spurs winning the title, ever.

“There were some accusations made against me after that game about me trying to provoke the Tottenham players, but, honestly, I was hit so many times in that game and I think they were just upset about the fact they had been winning.

“Even though we had not won the game, drawing and stopping Tottenham winning the title felt similar to a trophy and I remember I went out to celebrate after the game, like I would have if we had just won the League or a cup. It was just one of those moments you wanted to enjoy.”

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