Ford announces plans to display 6 Ford Ranger concepts at SEMA 2019

October 12, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

To show off all the customization possibilities available for the Ford Ranger, Ford is bringing 6 unique concept models of the pick-up to this year’s SEMA show, taking place next month.

What better place to display the breadth of customization possibilities available for the Ford Ranger than at one of the biggest automotive specialty products trade shows in the US? Ford is using SEMA 2019 as an opportunity to exhibit six concepts of the pickup with six distinct looks and purposes.

Tjin Edition Ford Ranger

The vibrantly mustard yellow, low-riding Tjin Edition has been designed to juxtapose a lifted, off-roading Ranger. With the body dropped eight inches in the front and nine inches in the back, the Ranger is given sporty, street-style presence that’s further supported by body colored exterior components and performance-enhancing equipment.

RTR Rambler Ford Ranger

According to Ford, this over-styled concept has been designed to be “the ultimate overlanding and support vehicle” for off-roading enthusiasts with its SkyRise tent, snowboard support capsule, underbody rock protection and two-inch lift.

Yakimo Ford Ranger

The Yakimo Ford Ranger targets outdoorspeople who have equipment to transport. In addition to a 2-inch front lift, recovery kit, and off-road wheels, this pickup has been fitted with a truck bed rack, a kayak mount, and a vertical four-bike carrier to ensure that great outdoors lovers’ adventures aren’t restricted by their vehicles.

Advanced Accessory Concepts Ford Ranger

With its skid plate, rock sliders, and performance rear differential cover, the Advanced Accessory Ranger is a “showcase of strength and exploration.” This concept has been designed for off-roaders trucking across uncharted territories.

Hellwig Ford Ranger

For those more environmentally conscious with an interest in going off the grid, Ford is bringing the Hellwig Ranger. The model has components like rock sliders and Bushwacker fender flares to grind through unpaved paths, but also, it’s equipped with a solar panel to help owners reduce their carbon footprint. An attached hard-shell tent, kitchen stove, and first-aid kit help campers stay off the grid.

Ford Performance Parts Ford Ranger

Finally, the Ford Performance Parts concept has been completely saturated with off-roading and camping accessories for those who enjoy getting off the grid, off-roading, and camping. The model has been designed to maneuver over all types of terrains while hauling heavy cargo thanks to additions like red tow hooks, an integrated refrigerator/freezer, and a performance-tuned off-road suspension leveling kit.

While these individual concepts will not hit the market as-is, they’ve been created using optional accessories that are purchasable by any Ranger owner. All will be on display at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas, which runs from November 5 to November 8.

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