Freshman Dem Who Called for Impeachment Hearings ‘Undecided’ on Final Vote

December 13, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Representative Elissa Slotkin (D., Mich.), who was elected in 2018 to a swing district, told CNN on Wednesday that she was “undecided” on the question of impeachment.

In a September op-ed in the Washington Post, Slotkin had joined other Democratic freshmen to call for impeachment. But constituents in Slotkin’s district, which voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, reacted with anger to the news.

“The issue that got to me was this idea that the President, the most powerful man in the world, reached out to a foreigner, a foreign leader, and asked him to dig up dirt on an American,” Slotkin explained at a town hall meeting with constituents in October. Slotkin was heckled by residents who shouted “Not true!” and “Fake news!”

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Slotkin said on Wednesday that her constituents were constantly calling her office regarding the impeachment inquiry.

“The phones are ringing off the hook,” the congresswoman said. “We literally can’t pick up the phone fast enough, and it’s people on both sides” of the issue. She was undecided on whether to vote for or against articles of impeachment.

A group of moderate Democrats has been discussing for the past several weeks a vote to censure President Trump over his actions regarding Ukraine, instead of openly impeaching him, Politico reported Tuesday. The idea stands little chance of succeeding, however, as a solid majority of House Democrats have come out in support of impeachment.

“I think censure is just a way out. If you want to go, you gotta go,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in June. “If the goods are there, you must impeach. Censure is nice, but it is not commensurate with the violations of the Constitution should we decide that’s the way to go.

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