Full Audio Of Sid Vicious Blaming Event No-Show On Travel Ban, Top Impact Wrestling Star Dresses As Sid For Signing

September 26, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

As noted, Absolute Intense Wrestling issued a statement last night noting Sid Vicious, who had been announced to appear at an event in Cleveland, Ohio, no-showed the event and blamed his inability to travel on President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

AIW has since released audio from the phone call featuring Sid offering the excuse, and you can listen to it in full in the player above.

Additionally, as seen below, Impact Wrestling star EC3 actually dressed as Sid during last night’s event and signed autographed copies of Sid photos in Sid’s absence.

EC3 really is signing Sid’s pics. I am dying! pic.twitter.com/XrZkIduMOq

— Justin Greeder (@jgreeds) December 30, 2017

EC3 is doing Sid’s full meet and greet signing his 8×10’s. pic.twitter.com/05lm1PRlmu

— Dr.Knobs (@LuchaMax) December 30, 2017

@RealJasonJames You see this brother? As much as it pissed Sid off, I actually think EC3 vs Sycho Sid story line would be a great way to bring that FIRE back to Impact Wrestling. And with as fast as social media moves I wouldn’t wait long to capitalize on it if you are. #FistBump pic.twitter.com/jCYQVJmAsC

— SychoInteractiveArmy (@WWEViciousARMY) December 30, 2017

Independent wrestling alive and well in Cleveland. Sid backed out of his booking because of “the trump travel ban.” He was replaced by ESid3 (EC3, a cleveland treasure). Took pics and signed headshots of sid for the crowd. A+. Strong Sid games on display. @newgenpodcast pic.twitter.com/I5AtVAImv6

— Brandon (@TheRichardSauce) December 30, 2017

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