Grailed unveils 20 most coveted Raf Simons tops

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Long before his days as the magician behind the resurgence of Calvin Klein,
and even before his days at Dior, Raf Simons had developed quite the cult
following for his streetwear suitable designs for his eponymous label. Many
of his pieces were known to sell out, and even go for more than the
original price on resale sites.

There were those that were heartbroken when they missed that must-have Raf
Simons piece. However, thanks to Grailed, Raf Simons fans can get a second
chance to shop those pieces they always wanted.

Raf Simons archive sale expected to sell out on Grailed

Today, Grailed is unveiling 20 of the most coveted Raf Simons tops from
throughout his career at 11:59 a.m. Each piece is considered a rare
collectible and is expected to sell out in minutes. Highlights include
pieces from his blockbuster collaborations with Sterling Ruby to some of
his earliest work in the late ’90s.

Price points for the collection range from 150 dollars to 1800 dollars. The
drop is part of Grailed’s Summer Heatwave series where they are doing eight
weeks of eight giveaways and eight drops. Monday’s include giveaways and
Thursday’s include drops.

“Our summer Heatwave campaign is all about Grailed’s community of users,
showing them just how deep our catalog of designers runs,” said Lawrence
Schlossman, brand director of Grailed to FashionUnited. “For this week’s Raf Simons theme,
we wanted to highlight arguably the greatest menswear designer working
today. Our goal is to educate fans, both new and old, on what exactly makes
Raf so imitated and celebrated.”

photo: courtesy of Grailed