Great Barrier Reef Facing 'Unprecedented' Threat from Coal Expansion

October 21, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

The Great Barrier Reef is facing “unprecedented industrial development,” and the damage wrought by seabed dredging as a result coal industry expansion has been significantly downplayed by the state government and mining industry, a conservation watchdog charged in a new report issued Wednesday.

“The state government is both the owner and the overseer of these dredging projects, which means that it is essentially checking its own homework and giving itself top marks,” said Felicity Wishart, campaign director for the Australian Marine Conservation Society which authored the report.

To accommodate the expansion of coal export terminals along the coastline of the UNESCO World Heritage site, an average of nearly one million cubic meters of underwater soil has been dug up within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park each year for the past ten years.

Despite claims by the Australian government that this dredging has not inflicted any damage on the reef, the reportDredging, Dumping and the Great Barrier Reef (pdf)—found a “deeply troubling” lack of monitoring of coral health. Further, the group uncovered coral “covered with lesions,” that were not reported.

“In the monitoring report, corals with dead patches were grouped together with coral that had no damage at all, obscuring the fact that these corals were damaged,” said Wishart.

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