Has a Challenger Finally Come Knocking on Aleister Black’s Door? (Video)

July 24, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Aleister Black has not been seen in the ring for more than two months. Following the dissolution of his tag team partnership with our new U.S. Champion, Ricochet, the dark and brooding Superstar has taken to appearing in equally dark backstage vignettes on Smackdown Live.

After weeks of pleading for any worthy challenger to step up and “knock on his door”, it seems that someone has finally taken the former NXT Champion up on his request. The WHO of it all remains a mystery, however…

Tuesday night’s Smackdown Live continued the long-running string of vignettes, with Black clearly frustrated – and almost out of his mind, it seemed – that no one on the roster had the guts to face him. And just when it appeared to end on yet another cliffhanger, a knock came rapping at the door!

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While there haven’t been any hints, either directly or indirectly, about who Aleister Black will face in his first match back to the ring, there’s been a whole lot of fan theories and rampant internet speculation.

One interesting idea, although it seems a tad farfetched, is that the Firefly Fun House segments with Bray Wyatt are actually, in some way, linked up to the weekly backstage vignettes featuring Black.

WWE is generally not very subtle about the use of imagery in their storylines, and it may not just be a coincidence that Black has been begging someone to “knock on his door” for the last two months, while  Wyatt has been asking for someone to “let him in” for… oh, roughly about the same amount of time…