Heat On Evan Bourne For Revealing Details About R-Truth's Suspension

January 12, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

WWE tag team champion Evan Bourne is in hot water after he revealed that R-Truth’s recent Wellness policy violation and suspension were a result of them smoking synthetic marijuana (“spice”) together. Even though Bourne and Truth are believed to have “partied” together, Bourne was suspended back on November 1st, while R-Truth’s suspension was not announced until after he main evented Survivor Series with The Rock, John Cena and the Miz.

Triple H, who is not a fan of Bourne, confronted him several weeks ago and blamed him for the news getting out. There is a company policy that WWE talent is not supposed to express frustration with the company publicly – and Bourne has done so several times on Twitter in recent months.

Triple H’s wife Stephanie McMahon is said to be a backer of Bourne’s, feeling that he is a unique act and brings something different to the WWE roster. However, eEven with Stephanie’s support, there is fear within WWE that Bourne could be “the next Paul London” – a guy with tremendous talent who is going to have his spirit broken and will be chewed up by the system.

With Bourne’s Wellness violation and the heat on him related to R-Truth’s situation, it’s somewhat surprising that the tag titles have not been taken off Air Boom already.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)