High-end streetwear dominates Just In XX NYFW show

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Designer Justin, Yu-Ying Chou brought his high concept street designs
to New York Fashion Week with his Just In XX showcase for Fall 2018.

The show offered an array of high-concept visions – dominated by
mismatched patterns, graphics derived from modern art pieces and
loose-fitting urban wear drawn from unique color schemes. The line strays
from this with a few of the looks – a low-cut red velvet suit and tailored
beige dress coat among them. Much of the looks are gender neutral and offer
an ‘80s and ‘90s pop art edge.

The items are heavily influenced by
Chou’s international background, as each look offers a mesh of cultural
influences. A graduate from the Domus Academy in Milan, Chou grew up in
Taiwan and received additional training in London. His vision blends
inspiration from both Western and traditional East Asian identity – fused
with popular street trends and refined/high end looks.

Photos courtesy
of Company Agenda