How Good Will Kurt Angle Be At TLC?

July 29, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

While the news that Kurt Angle will be coming out of retirement to replace Roman Reigns at the TLC show this Sunday has shocked a lot of people, both in and out of the wrestling world, longtime fans have to wonder just how good Angle can be going into this match.
With Angle teaming with Ambrose and Rollins in a TLC match against 4 people, there are 6 people to help carry the load and take the strain of Angle in this particular match. While Angle has been known to be a workhorse during his in-ring career, he has not wrestled a match since March of this year and has been carrying around a lot of wear and tear on his system going back to his amateur wrestling days. A lot of the pain he went through was covered up by addictions to drink and pills, but after some public battles with his demons and a stint in rehab, he won’t have those to cover up the physical toll a match of this degree may hold for him.
And while the WWE seems to be wishing for the days of the old Kurt Angle, time and reality seem to be preparing for something else. Expect a few tricks to be pulled out of the WWE’s bag on this match and on Kurt especially. It could be possible that something could happen during the pre-show to the TLC even to take him out of the match and either replace him or just run a 2 on 4 TLC match. There seems to be as much interest in IF Kurt will be able to wrestle as much as what will he do when he is actually out there. We will have to wait and see Sunday Night.


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