How many of these classic Irish sports books have you read?

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What was the name of Eamon Dunphy's diary on life as a Millwall player?

Showbiz baby!
The Lion's Den

Only a game?
A good player, not a great player

What performance-enhancing drugs did Paul Kimmage talk of taking in his autobiography Rough Ride?

Human Growth Hormone


What was the name of the food binge members of the Irish team were involved in ahead of their game with Austria, made infamous in Roy Keane's first autobiography?

Alan's picnic
Harry's Challenge

Barry's barbeque
Frank's feast

Which fight was Dave Hannigan's 'The Big Fight' about?

Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman
Steve Collins vs. Chris Eubank

Muhammad Ali Vs Al Blue Lewis
Marvin Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns

Which GAA team is Keith Duggan's House Of Pain about?

Mayo footballers
Kilkenny hurlers

Tyrone footballers
Clare hurlers

What did Tony Cascarino do to infuriate Jack Charlton, according to his autobiography?

He refused to let him buy him a pint.
Missed an open goal in a vital World Cup qualifier.

Left his jersey hanging in the dressing-room as he was summoned to come off the bench.
Admitted to him that he didn't actually qualify to play for Ireland.

In Keith Gillespie's autobiography, what did he say few footballers do?

Stay faithful to their partners
Listen to the manager's team talk

Abstain from alcohol
Try their hardest in every game.

What event does Michael Foley's The Bloodied Field centre around?

The Lansdowne Riots
Bloody Sunday

The infamous 2005 international rules test.
The 1994 World Cup qualifier between Ireland and Northern Ireland at Windsor Park.

Which sports star's autobiography has a prologue that begins as follows: 18 June 1994. Down to the last, stubborn seconds in New Jersey and it sound as if the earth itself had begun to whistle.

Tommy Byrne
Paul McGrath

Niall Quinn
Ronan O'Gara

The following sentence is from which Irish sports book: "He could impress people, he could charm people, he could cajole people, he could extract love and loyalty. But when he was finished, he had no feel for keeping people.”

Immortal: The Approved Biography of George Best
The Team That Jack Built

The Second Half
Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong

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