How to master the season’s top eyewear trends

May 31, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Photographer: Soren Jepsen

There is no denying that a pair of sunglasses can either make or break your outfit. Great frames complete a look, working as the cherry on top, while the wrong pair detract from all the effort that’s gone into picking out the perfect ensemble. And quite frankly, what a waste.

In an effort to ensure you never have to fall victim to such a fashion felony, has quizzed Sunglass Hut buyer Alexandra Kerr on the dos and don’ts of selecting the perfect pair of frames for your face shape. Because no, the fact that different faces suit different styles isn’t actually a myth after all.

According to Kerr, “most people fall into one of four categories: square, round, oval or heart.” Once you’ve figured out which group you belong to, “there are some basic tricks to guarantee the best selection of frames for your face shape.”

If you have a square-shaped face, Kerr recommends you opt for sunglasses with slightly rounded edges, as this will help soften and balance your features, while square or rectangular frames will only exaggerate your jawline. If you have a rounder face, you guessed it, do the exact opposite and let frames with straight or angular lines work for you.

“Oval faces can wear almost any frame style if the frames are no wider than the broadest part of the face,” she explains, adding that they “should cover as much of the centre of the face as possible to minimise length.” If you have a heart-shaped face, Kerr advises you draw proportion throughout the face with “thin, light metal or clear plastic frames that have broader bottom halves.”

Once you’ve figured out which frame shape works for you, the next step is to decide which style you want to try and which trend you’re eager to dabble in. “Try lots of pairs on and step outside your comfort zone,” says Kerr. “We encourage you to try every trend and see if it suits you and your personality.”

As for what the season’s key trends are? Think logo mania, escape in new shapes, athleisure and transparency. “Logo mania is the retro movement,” says Kerr, who explains that the athleisure trend is “where active meets street style for an ’80s throwback look.”

Escape in new shapes is “fresh contemporary and light-hearted silhouettes made up of metals, transparent frames and pastel accents found in styles from Vogue Eyewear x Gigi Hadid and Ray-Ban,” she adds. While “colourful, light and transparent frames pack a punch and create bold impact on your overall look.”

However, Kerr warns that just because a style is on trend, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. Her rule of thumb? “Look for a pair that sits on your face well, doesn’t touch your cheekbones and isn’t right around your temples.”

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