Impact Wrestling Reportedly Looking for New TV Home

July 16, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Impact Wrestling will see its current deal with Pop TV expire at the end of 2018, and executives are reportedly searching for a new television partner in the United States, according to PWInsider. The current contract ends on December 31st, so it’s possible Impact will be without a TV outlet in the US to begin 2019.
Impact was recently moved to a later timeslot at 10pm and viewership has suffered. The change was seen as a major step backwards in the Impact – Pop relationship as network officials didn’t inform Impact of the change until several days before the first episode aired with a 10pm start time.

The 10 episodes before the time change drew an average of 215,400 viewers. The two episodes since the time change drew 98,000 viewers and 105,000 viewers, the lowest in company history. The first 10 episodes of 2019 drew an average of 306,900 viewers. It’s worth noting that the final three episodes before the time change drew some of the lowest viewership in show history – 190,000, 183,000 and 189,000 the week before the change. The show averaged 311,000 viewers per episode in 2017, 311,000 viewers in 2016 and 327,000 in 2015. The 2014 average was 1.15 million per episode on Spike and the 2013 average, also on Spike, was 1.26 million per episode.

(H/T WrestlingInc)

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