In Name of Bringing 'Freedom' to Drivers, Net Neutrality Activist 'Throttles Traffic' Outside FCC

September 26, 2020 0 By HearthstoneYarns

In another attempt to educate the American people on what that vague-sounding term “net neutrality” means—and how people will be impacted if Trump’s FCC gets its way by abolishing the vital standard which has governed the Internet since the beginning—an enterprising activist named Rob Bliss this week attempted to “liberate” drivers by forcing them to pay so that he would get hell out of the way of their cars.

“Sadly, due to a constant police presence, I could not longer restore freedom to the FCC.” —Rob Bliss, net neutrality activistAs The Next Web reports, “Instead of allowing traffic to rely on government regulations and oversight, Bliss decided the street in front of the FCC building in Washington D.C. needed a fast lane. So he created one. Using his bicycle to ‘throttle’ a lane of traffic, he offered commuters the opportunity to pay a simple $5 fee to take advantage of the newly created ‘fast lane.'”

Did the cops show up? Of course, they did. But they only helped prove his point. Watch:

“Sadly, due to a constant police presence,” Bliss lamented after his third day of protest, “I could not longer restore freedom to the FCC.”