J. Mendel keeps it garden bright for NYFW

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

Two things were abound at J. Mendel’s New York Fashion Week presentation,
color and furs. Designer Gilles Mendel was inspired by the “Jardin A
Giverny” painting by Claude Monet, as he loved the painting’s exuberant
tints and the poetic nature of the women depicted who embraces this fable
and puts energy into her presence.

However, Mendel’s inspiration didn’t just stop with Monet. He also found
inspiration in Guy Bourdin’s 1970’s images, to find color inspiration. “I
envisioned my woman in the late 70s where she’s playing with those very
beautiful hues of color, and she’s also kind of a woman who is just fun,”
Mendel said to FashionUnited. “She’s partying, she’s having a great time.
At night time she might be at one of those places like Studio 54 where
she’s mingling with Mick Jagger.”

J. Mendel gets bright and colorful for spring/summer 2019

For Mendel, it was all about finding taking the classical and giving it a
fresh update. Couture techniques were used to manipulate fabrics, creating
exquisite details such as hand-pleats and ruffles contouring the dresses.
“I want to reach any age of women,” Mendel said to FashionUnited. “I think
all women generally appreciate and love my clothes, because I do things
that are in a way classical, but with a twist and more sophisticated. My
clothes are for a woman who likes to go out. Everyone has a place in my
heart from the millennials to the older ladies.”

While many brands are invested in expansion and the idea of global growth,
Mendel likes the state and pace the brand is growing it and has no big
ambitions to make the brand too commercial. “At the moment the brand is
very good where it’s at,” Mendel said to FashionUnited. “We have a very
unique atelier. We’re like a small bakery making very special things. These
days it’s good to say true to yourself and what you do, so we don’t have an
immediate look for expansion. It’s about making what we do the best we can.”

Despite his penchant for precedent, Mendel also took some out of character
approaches for this collection. While he typically prefers minimalist,
subdued colors, this collection included pinks, purples, greens, and peach
as part of the color palette. Silk, organza, and chiffon made up the
luxurious materials of this collection. Of course it wouldn’t be J. Mendel
without a good fur, with notable fur pieces including sheered mink, sable,
broadtail and chinchilla.

After all these generations, the brand has stayed true to its classic image
and heritage. To sum it up: glamour never dies.

photos:courtesy of Purple