Jeff Hardy's Suspension, Matt Hardy's Visa Problems, WWE/Tivo Viewership

February 9, 2021 0 By HearthstoneYarns

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The decision to suspend Jeff Hardy was made the weekend before his non-appearance on the 7/30 Raw. Hardy was removed from all bookings prior to the weekend. He was not brought to television and his suspension will cost him a lucrative SummerSlam payoff as he was scheduled to be featured in a high profile match with Umaga. He is scheduled to return in September. Hardy claimed to friends, and on his reality TV show website via the webgirl that runs the site, that he is hurting from back & neck injuries from a year straight of doing the WWE schedule. On the reality TV show website, the webgirl said on his behalf that he suffered back and neck injuries during his 7/23 match with Mr. Kennedy, and had been given time off to heal. While Hardy may be hurting a lot these days, that’s obviously not why he was pulled off the road.

— Matt Hardy missed the weekend house shows the week before this week because WWE officials were putting together the working Visas for Singapore and Thailand when they still had plans in mind for keeping the Hardys together as a tag team. However, by the time they decided against keeping them together as a tag team, the deadline had passed.

— Tivo and videotape watching doesn’t affect the Raw ratings much. Taped viewership of Raw over the one week period after the show aired totaled 57,000 homes for the 6/11 show, 63,000 homes for the 6/18 show, 35,000 homes for the 6/25 show, and 57,000 homes for the 7/2 show.

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