Jérôme Boateng to design collection with H&M’s /Nyden

March 22, 2019 0 By HearthstoneYarns

H&M Group’s newest brand, /Nyden has confirmed that it is teaming up
with German International footballer Jérôme Boateng to design a collection
of clothing that reflects his “unique style” to launch in spring 2019.

Boateng, defender for Bayern Munich and Germany’s national football
team, said in a statement: “I have always liked wearing clothes that help
me stand out quietly, not loudly. /Nyden understands my sense of style and
shares my vision.

“Together, we will create a line that enables anyone to look sharp at
all times – travelling on a plane or a bus to a match, a day out with
family or a late dinner in the bright lights of the city. It’ll be a mix of
classic, casual and striking to help people express themselves without
being too loud.”

Stina Force, creative director of /Nyden added in a press release:
“Jérôme is a leader on and off the football field. He knows it isn’t just
the clothes that make the man – it’s how he wears them.

“This makes him the perfect tribe leader to act as an ambassador for our
brand. We are eager to work with him to help people from all backgrounds
emulate his style and confidence.”

/Nyden confirms collaboration with footballer Jérôme Boateng

The release adds, that the ninth brand from Swedish fashion company
Hennes and Mauritz, wants to channel Jérôme’s “integrity and humble
arrogance” into the designs for his collection.

/Nyden also confirmed that it is working on collaborations with tattoo
artist Doctor Woo and actress Noomi Rapace, and adds “more announcements”
are to come in the coming weeks.

The millennial-focused label describes itself as a non-traditional
fashion brand, rather a “platform with a soul, co-creating with talented
tastemakers and empowering their creativity”. /Nyden adds that it doesn’t
have collections or seasons, instead “just a stream of relevant drops and
events” and that it puts “tribe leaders” at the forefront of the design

Image: courtesy of /Nyden